The Internet is down here and has been for over 24 hours. When you get this on the blog of course the Internet will be back on.

The latest on Ethan is something like the following. I am now only able to get bits and pieces since the VOIP phones obviously do not work, nor web pages or any email except what I am getting on my BlackBerry.

The surgeon has now talked to Tony, Stacey, and Ethan Howeth. As I understand it they have until Sunday to make a decision about whether or not to remove the leg or try to fix it. They say that there is a 75% chance that the first surgery would be a success. This is a very difficult time for them and a very difficult decision. Would you please be in prayer for them.

They appreciate very much the way that all of you have prayed for them, called, written, etc. They do ask that you understand that right now they cannot respond to each of us individually. They have too much on them. They are too concentrated and I believe that you understand.

Again I do not know how to emphasize enough that they need your help financially. Mark Coffey called the insurance company. The Howeth’s policy is going to pay only 70% and the Howeths will be stuck with 30%.

We need to pray that they doctors and hospital will give a reduction in their prices and fees. This treatment surely is already costing multiplied tens of thousands of dollars. They will have bills greater than any of us can believe.

You can also help by giving an offering. Right now Tony is unable to get to the meetings he has scheduled. He lives from those love offerings. It is the weekly love offerings that help him pay all the weekly bills.

Don’t forget that he pays a great deal for insurance because of the cystic fibrosis that his daughter has. Then on top of what the insurance pays each month Tony and Stacey already pay several hundred in medicines This just seems to be like more and more piling on.

Will you consider having your church take an offering and send it to them via Macedonia World Baptist Missions.

The Howeth family is one of the most godly families that I have ever known. I love them and respect them more than you could ever believe . I know you do also. I beg you to see what you can do to help them.

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