Our last Sunday at 1235 Old Alpharetta Road Suite 165 happened today. We are moving on to the new rented facility at 1125 Alpha Drive, Alpharetta.

This was a special day for Vision. God has blessed us so much. We have now had over 600 services as a church. God has blessed us with wonderful new families, souls saved, and lives changed.

Today we had 120 in Sunday School, 142 in the morning service and 105 in the evening service.

We are just steps away from having our Certificate of Occupancy for the new building. Lord willing, it will all be ready for next Sunday. Stay tuned to this blog and Vision News and we will keep you posted.

Everyone that has seen the new building seems to be very excited. We had a wonderful work day on Saturday and the same will be happening tomorrow.

I hope you have been one of the people that have been in on the ground floor of what God is doing at Vision. Some day we will remember with great fondness all that we are watching God do right now.

So this Tuesday will be our last service in our current building. Then on to the Summit and then our new location.

God has been good. Why don’t you put a comment below telling your gratitude to God for what He did in this building. We had wonderful testimonies tonight at church about God’s blessings on us.