God has tremendously blessed us here. God is doing a great work here through his servants, Travis and Teri Snode. I have loved being here with them. Today I will preach four times. We will eat in the car between services two times they tell me. The day will be all one big rush. We are leaving at 9:30, will preach 30 minutes from here in Limavady, then 30 minutes back to preach in Londonderry. Then a couple of hours free in the afternoon and back to Londonderry to preach and then 30 minutes to Limavady and then back home around 10 pm.

They are hard working missionaries. God is using them. They are seeing things happen and I am excited. I spent the afternoon yesterday with about 10 adults studying how to study the Bible. Then I got to be with about 10 young people and we talked about God’s purpose for our lives from Philippians 1.

These are super wonderful people here. They love the Lord and His Word. I know that God is doing great things and will continue to do so.

I ask you to be in prayer for your missionaries all over the world and especially for the Snode family.

God has blessed our church with 8 missionary families and more on the way.

Right now we have

Mark Coffey representing the Peru Bible College and Vision Baptist Missions
Chris Gardner in Peru
David Gardner in Peru
Jason Holt to Chile
Tyler Masters on his way to Northern Africa
Travis Snode in Northern Ireland
Mark Tolson on his way to China
Ronald Tubillas to the American Hispanics

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