God has really blessed our time here in Burkina Faso with the Keith Shumaker family. God has built His church. People are being saved and lives are being changed. It is so wonderful to see the sweet spirit of the believers and to hear their testimonies.

Yesterday, we preached in 2 different churches a total of 4 times. God gave good attendance and good response. The Shumakers are being greatly used of God.

They pay a real price to serve God here. The place is very hot, dry, and dusty. Poverty is every where you look. Yet this family joyfully works and wins people to Christ.

Keith will be coming to the states on furlough in just a few weeks. He is the kind of missionary that you want to have in your church. He is excited and exciting. God has allowed them to see many people saved and many Muslims.

One of the pastors that serves with them got saved under their ministry. At the time he was in the school to be a Imam or Muslim religious leader. He got saved and is currently pastoring one of the churches.

You can learn more about Keith and his ministry at theharvest.net. You can contact him to be with you in your mission’s conference at keith @theharvest.net.

He will be one of our featured missionaries in the World Vision Celebration at Vision Baptist.