Impacting our World:

These past two months we have been talking about impacting our world with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is easy for us to get focused on the temporal or just what is immediately around us instead of the whole world. We have a narrow vision of things. When we speak of missions what we must realize is that we are called to impact our world and everyone in it.

This past month we had our third mission’s conference in the church. We had as our special speaker Miguel Murillo from Arequipa, Peru. Miguel is the pastor of the Hunter Baptist Church, which is the first church that Bro. Austin Gardner founded when he started his ministry in Peru. He is also the director of the Macedonia Baptist Bible College located there in Arequipa. It was a great blessing to have him preach and challenge our people about World Evangelism.

Our conference started on Thursday and went through Sunday night. Each night we had videos, special music and great preaching. Many responded to the invitation and we were able to exceed our faith promise from this past year.

On Sunday morning, we had more than a hundred and close to seventy on Sunday night. During the invitation several people raised their hand for salvation and two accepted Christ that night, while another guy asked to come by to talk to me later. On that Tuesday he came by, and when we started to talk he said that he wanted to know how to live his life different in a way that would please the Lord. I explained what Christ did for us and how that He came to give us a new life. When we finished, I asked if he had any questions or doubts. He told me that this was exactly what he had been looking for.

Afterwards he prayed and trusted Christ. When we finished he said that felt great and excited about the decision he had made. Pray for Geraldo and our church that we can do more for missions every year because we know that this church is a product of missions.

Special Meeting:
One of my favorite subjects to teach or talk about is the family. Possibly because I realize what a great need there is and how many families are falling apart. At the request of several of the couples in the church, we are starting a couples meeting with the goal of helping unify and strengthen them as a family. We have about 6 o 7 couples that are meeting right now with many more interested.

One of the guys that comes with his wife gave the testimony that they were at the point of getting a divorce and didn’t know where to turn. They went to their former pastor and he told them that he didn’t do counseling or that type of thing. He said how thankful he was that he found a place where they could get help, grow, and learn. It has been amazing to see how much these couples have grown as they now walk holding hands, hugging and snickering like newlyweds. Please pray for the families of our church because we know that they are its strength.

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for our paper work that has been sent. We still have not heard anything.
2. Pray for our couples meeting that the Lord will strengthen and work in their lives.
3. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom as we prepare for furlough next June.
4. Pray for our upcoming financial conference the 27-29 of this month.

13,000 a year:

During our mission’s conference this year and while talking about how to impact our city and world with the gospel we came up with a plan to reach at least 13,000 houses a year. Acts 1:8 gives us the pattern of how we are to reach from our Jerusalem to the uttermost all at the same time.

Starting with our Jerusalem we want to have a Bible preaching church for every 50,000 people in our city. That would be the equivalent to around 13,000 houses. Each year we want to make sure that the people in our neighborhood receive a tract that tells them how to be saved. Every church that is started will have the same goal until each person has an opportunity to hear the gospel and be saved. Besides our normal visitation, we are planning the first Saturday of each month to go out as a church to reach our goal. That means we have to visit a little more than 1000 house each month. We have had a great response with three groups the first time and five the second time.

As more people get excited and involved, we hope to have around ten groups that go out the first Saturday of each month. Pray for our church that we can reach our Jerusalem and the world with the gospel gospel.

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