Summer Activities:

This past month we had our first youth retreat leaving after church on Sunday night we all went outside of the city to a rural area to a lot a man in the church owns. We camped out Sunday night and Monday night. We started out Sunday night with a Christian Film and then lights out. We began every morning with group devotions where the teens would read their Bibles and have prayer and then we had a morning service. We had games, competitions and classes for both the guys and girls. On Monday night we had a service where pastor Christian Ching preached on “What is keeping you from serving God”. At the invitation, almost half of the young people went forward to pray.  Afterwards, we had a special bon fire where we encouraged the young people to write on a piece of paper what they were going to get out of their lives and throw it into the fire leaving it to the Lord. We had not only a great time of fun but also a great time of spiritual growth. Many decisions were made, several for salvation and many dedicating themselves wholly the Lord. Then on Tuesday, we had a church get together and cookout. Here the month of February, is when they celebrate “Carnaval” which is the celebration of the flesh. They have festivals and parades the whole month and it is basically a time they loose all inhibitions. On the property, they have a brick oven that looks like a small igloo. The people of the church brought all the ingredients and cooked chicken, potatoes and home made bread in the wood fired oven. We had close to 40 at the youth retreat, including workers and close to 70 for the church cookout.  Even though it is rainy season here, the Lord gave us great weather and a wonderful time of great food and fellowships. Please pray for the teenagers that made decisions at the retreat. May God use them in a special way.

Teaching to Preach:

We are now having classes again in our Bible Institute. We have two classes, Pastoral Ethics and Homiletics I.  We have ten in our Ethics’ class and nine in Homiletics. Our desire  and goal, since we have arrived in Bolivia, has been to train up leaders for the ministry. Knowing that we will be leaving for furlough soon we want to prepare as many as possible to teach and preach the word. Beth has been working with the ladies preparing them to take over the children’s classes and several have started a new young teens class. In addition, to the new class we have a children’s Sunday School, Children’s Church and our Wednesday night kid’s club. She has had her work cut out for her. We have had several of the men preach in the church in the past and they have done a great job but we will also need Sunday School teachers and preachers for the main services. Our goal also upon returning, will be to launch out and start new works around the city. This time is key to begin now preparing those that will be working in these new churches.  Please pray that the Lord for these classes and the He will continue to raise up leaders here in Bolivia.

Furlough Time:

As the end of our first term comes to an end, we obviously have mixed emotions about leaving the field. We are excited about being home to see family and friends and of course eat in some of our favorite restaurants, but at the same time it is difficult to leave our home here and all our friends and of course the ministry that God has given us. It will be a challenging time for us and especially the church here. I guess it would be compared to seeing your first child go off to start their own lives. You know there will be challenges and difficulties but you pray that it will be a time of growth. Please pray for our church and leaders that they will continue faithful. If you still have not contacted us or have not heard from us about visiting your church to give a report on the ministry you can call at 336-499-2585 or write

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for our upcoming furlough starting in June.
  2. Pray for our upcoming youth conference in April.
  3. Pray for our Bible Institute and the men that we are training.
  4. Pray that the Lord will work in the lives of those in the government here in Bolivia.