Dear Friends and Family,

It is with great anticipation that I write this letter as we will be heading back to the field on the 6th of next month. We have had a great furlough and look forward to getting back to the field and continuing to build upon the foundation that was laid over the past four years.

We have been all over the U.S.A. with our most recent trips taking us to Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Otherwise we have had a lot of local meetings. The trip to Oklahoma was great as I was able to travel with my cousin, Mark Coffey, who is also a missionary. Out in Oklahoma we were able to be with two supporting churches (Hallmark & Gospel Light). One of which took us on for support without even knowing us. One of our supporting churches in their area shut down and Gospel Light Baptist Church of Enid, OK took us on for support in their stead. Both of these Oklahoma churches have been faithful in their support and we are extremely grateful.

Up in Michigan we were able to be with Pastor Jim Payne at Midland Baptist Church of Midland, MI. Pastor Payne is the father-n-law of a good friend of mine from childhood on up through college (Pastor Nathan Gregory). We had a tremendous time at this conference. They spoiled us from beginning to end. If you are ever in Midland, MI I would highly recommend you attending Midland Baptist Church as you are sure to get a solid Bible message. Thank you pastor Payne and Midland for the wonderful time we had at your church.

We were also able to go up to Athens, TN and be with another great man of God, Pastor Jack Scallions. Fairview Baptist Church is a tremendous church that is growing and provides tremendous Bible teaching/preaching week in and week out. They have been faithful supporters of ours for years and we are thankful to be partnered with such a wonderful church. They have camp facilities at camp Fairview and would love to have your church come and make use of their facilities at a reasonable cost. You can contact Pastor Scallions at (423) 745-6781 if this interests you.

Also, while being up in Tennessee we were able to be at Fellowship Baptist Church of Maryville. Pastor Tom Hatley leads this congregation and does a fantastic job. This church took us on in their missions conference even though we were not able to be with them. We were thereafter able to confirm a date and be with them on a Wednesday night. It was a great service and great to see one of my good friends, Josh Sullivan. Pray for this young man as he prepares to serve God in full-time ministry. (He went with me on a mission trip to South Africa)

At the end of May we finished the month at Westside Baptist Church in my hometown of Rocky Face, GA. To be quite honest I don’t have a lot of supporters in my hometown. I just never booked meetings here for whatever reason when I was on deputation but God has allowed us to gain some great support here while on furlough. Westside is a thriving church in the Rocky Face area with a good pastor by the name of Rick Edwards. We were with them on their missions Sunday. Thank you Westside for allowing us to be with you!

I end this letter by reiterating that if you would like for us, (most probably me), to come by your church before we leave please let me know a.s.a.p. as we will be leaving on the 6th of July. We have had a good balance of getting by to see supporters and were able to get into new churches to pick up some lost support. We do not want to hurt any feelings so if you would still like for me to report in face to face then please give me a call or e-mail as soon as possible. Thank you for all you do for us. Please pray for us as we head back that we would have an urgency about us as we do the Lord’s work.

Doing Our Reasonable Service,

Kevin, Corli, Clark, and Hudson Hall