April 2010

Once again, we have the privilege to write and share about the faithfulness and blessings of God.  We have been greatly blessed by the Lord both in family and in ministry.  Allow us to share a few of the blessings the Lord has given lately.

The first week of March we started back up with Bible Institute classes – 6 young men and 1 young lady that are preparing for the Lord’s service.  We are thankful for those who graduated last December and are excited to see what the Lord is going to do with those who are studying currently.

On the 22nd of March, we started up Free English Classes on Monday nights. We have not taught English classes for years, but we are excited as we started back up to use as an Evangelistic tool.  Our goal and desire is to bring in people and use English as a basis to win souls for our Lord.  The Lord blessed the first class and we had 130 people.

Mid-March we received the Peach family, missionaries to the deaf.  Their desire is to work in various areas of Argentina and help us to start a deaf ministry. Our church people are anticipating learning sign language and reaching our deaf community for the Lord.  Please pray with us as we hope to start a deaf ministry soon.

A few weeks ago, we were able to see the Lord’s hand in a very unique way.  It was a stormy Sunday and we were nervous that many people were not going to make it.  The Lord brought people in spite of my lack of faith and the weather and 160 people were present to hear the Lord’s Word.  For days I had my message prepared and my desire was to preach on evangelism since we were in the middle of our evangelism month, but the Lord seemed to change my message.  I was prepared to preach the new message, was sure there were many who needed this message, the people were showing up for the service, … but now the rain was so hard on the metal roof that you couldn’t even hear.  When the offering time approached, the man who spoke and prayed could not even be heard even though he had a microphone because the rain was so hard … and I was supposed to preach right after the offering.  I sighed a prayer asking the Lord to calm the storm so they could hear. It was the Lord who lead me to this new message, it was the Lord who brought the people in the rain … but how was I going to yell louder than the rain and expect the people to hear and follow the message?  The offering finished and I stood up to preach. Although it may sound wild in some people’s mind, the rain lightened up and came to a stop as I began the message.  Amazingly, the God who gave me the message and brought the people in spite of the storm, calmed the storm and began to move. I preached the message believing God was going to work, and His Spirit moved and worked in hearts. I look back with an amazing feeling, knowing that the same God of the Bible that parted the Red Sea, stopped the mouth of lions and stopped the rain for Elijah, is still in the miracle working business!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Here to Serve,

Jeff and Mindy Bush and family