by Ron Maggard

Yesterday I sat at lunch with a young man I have been trying to help for several years. This young man is intelligent and articulate. He possesses tremendous potential to be used for the Lord. Just one problem. He is doing nothing for the Lord. He has had his ups and downs. Sometimes it seems he will finally get up and going and I think that maybe the day has arrived and my hopes and prayers for him are realized.

Anyway, as we ate our lunch I once again took the opportunity to press upon him the great importance of consistently serving the Lord. Once again I heard the barrage of excuses that are far too common with those who defend their apathy and inactivity. I feel I have heard them all and you probably have as well. There must be some kind of book out there full of these excuses that the proponents read, memorize and utilize.

The excuses run the gamut. It is the job, or no job. It is the family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, bowling partners or whoever. It is the old car, the broken appliances, the – you fill in the blank. When these start-up, I know at least for the moment, the conversation about involvement in spiritual ministry is over.

As we finished our lunch my friend added one final comment from which I have drawn my thoughts for this post. I have heard this before too. He said something like this: ”Well brother, be assured of this; if I win the lottery I …” Though I have heard this before in a variety of settings it struck me a bit differently yesterday. I immediately said. ”No, I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you would do anything differently.” He was surprised, looked down and soon we went our separate ways.

I think I hit on something. I fear that even if he won the lottery in his heart of hearts nothing would change about his service for the Lord. Everyone knows that winning the lottery is a long shot and too many people who use this excuse are gambling on that very fact. My question is this: What will you do without winning the lottery? That is what I am interested in knowing.

The widow didn’t wait to win the lottery to give ALL! Why are you waiting?

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