I have a google alert set to find any mention on the Internet of the words “world evangelism!” I sometimes find very interesting things mentioned. I found this article just now. I have just left the highlights that I think we are doing or need to start but you can read the rest by clicking here. Good article.

Dr. Bob Waldron
Executive Director Missions Resource Network

Pray for your missionaries by name at each service.

Hang large flags in the foyer of the church building for every country in which you support a missionary.

Miniature flags can be purchased for families to place in their homes as a reminder to pray for the people represented by the flags (Frontier Flags, P.O. Box 176, Branson, Missouri 65616; telephone 417-334-1776).

Support a missionary.

Devote an entire page in the church directory to each missionary you help to support. Include a map, photographs and a brief description of his or her work.

Place a large, attractive map at the front of the auditorium. Near it, in lettering large enough to be seen clearly from the back, place an appropriate scripture passage or a phrase such as “Into all the world” or “One Lord, one faith, one world.”

Use the classrooms and halls for displaying maps, flags, bulletin board posters, pictures and curios from the field. Always keep something of a missionary nature on display.

Invite a missionary to preach on world outreach once a quarter.

Send your preacher on one foreign evangelistic campaign a year.

Have a few moments for missions at the beginning of every Bible class, from kindergarten to adult. Include news from the field, prayer, information on the region in question, and spiritual needs there.

Include one lesson on missions in all Bible classes at least every six months. Teach on missions for an entire quarter every three years. This means that a student would study world outreach during four quarters by the end of high school.

Work toward applying 30% of your budget to evangelistic efforts outside your immediate area.

Balance your congregation’s outreach between (1) stateside, within you own culture, (2) stateside, outside your own culture, and (3) foreign cross-cultural. If possible, engage in some of all three of these levels.

Organize a missions committee that will accept responsibility for promoting missions in the congregation, communicating with your missionaries, determining missions policies, and making important missions decisions.

Conduct one or more local evangelistic efforts to bring the Gospel directly to those living within a ten-mile radius of your church building.

Hold a World Harvest Month in the fall of each year as a time of emphasis on world evangelism

Plan an annual Missions Weekend during World Harvest Month. Select missionary speakers, have an international banquet with food and dress from many nations, and take up a special offering for world evangelism.

During one weekend of World Harvest Month, conduct an all-night prayer service, mentioning every missionary by name and praying specifically for each nation of the world. Pray for one continent at a time with short films or talks separating the prayer sessions. Pray as one group or break up into smaller groups for some of the sessions. Try some of these suggestions for a period of time and you will discover that your congregation is coming alive to the mission of God! Increased zeal, dedication and church growth will likely result.