I have really enjoyed our time in the book of Philippians. I hope that you have also. We will now move into the book of Colossians. Warren Wiersbe is famous for his “BE” books. He calls Colossians, “Be Complete!” I really think that you are going to enjoy this book.

Tonight, Thursday night, and then again on Sunday night we will look at what it means to be a “yokefellow!” Starting Sunday morning we will be in the book of Colossians. Pray for me as I study and seek God’s face in this great book.

Be praying even now for Easter Sunday. That is a good day to invite people to church. They usually think about church and so you will have a natural opening to invite them.

Also don’t forget our Children’s Week will begin that very Sunday. You have a chance to reach someone with the gospel this week. Pray and go out and tell someone about Jesus Christ.