I just got off the phone with Missionary Tony Howeth. They are on the road to Atlanta. Ethan is in an ambulance. Things are still critical. He needs a lot of prayer.

When they began working on the leg it caused Ethan to begin losing blood. That is when they gave him at least six units of blood. There is still at the very best only a 50% chance that he will be able to keep his lower leg and foot.

I ask you to continue praying. We will keep you up dated as best we can.

They will soon be in Atlanta in the hospital.

I wanted to ask everyone of you to consider talking to your church and you individually helping the Howeths with all the expenses at the hospitals and doctors. They do have good insurance but there is a deductible to be met and then the co insurance. They are going to be out thousands of dollars.

If you would be willing to give a special offering please send it to

Macedonia World Baptist Missions
P O Box 519
Braselton Georgia 30517
United States

Be sure and mark the offering for Tony Howeth, medical expenses.

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