I have always loved New Year’s day. It seems like you get a whole new calendar and a complete set of different opportunities. The old is gone and the new is in. Here we are in 2010. That is wonderful.

I hope that God uses you more and blesses you far greater this year than He ever has before. I hope your surrender and yieldness is greater this year than it ever has been before. We are one year closer to when He will return or we will go to Him.

There is no time to waste. I hope you will take seriously the fact that God has given you another year that you can use to honor and glorify Him.

I want to challenge all of you that read this blog to read your Bible through from cover to cover this year. Start in Genesis. Read just 4 chapters a day. At the end of this year we will recognize all of you that have read the Bible through in a special service at Vision.

You just have to be diligent and disciplined and you can get it done. I will remind you during the year and I will read it through more than once with all of you.

Today read Genesis 1-4 and learn about the creation and how God started it all and His relationship with the first human beings.