Dear Pastors and Praying Friends:

March 3rd we had officially been in Arequipa for one year. We thank the Lord for all that he has done in that one year. And we also thank all of you for all you have done; your prayers, support and friendship.
We lack only about a month and a half before we are officially finished with language school, but we will still have much more work after that to be fluent in the language, instead of “just getting by.” Please continue to pray with us about this great need.

About two weeks ago we were able to see our very first convert here in Peru, a young girl named Faye Murray. As you can probably tell by her name, she is not Peruvian. She is from Scotland and is here with her friend, Jodie, working in a local orphanage. We had a friend from our home church, April Baker, visiting here with her uncle at the time, and they happened to run into Jodie and Faye while they were out seeing the sights. April proceeded to invite the girls to our church for our Thursday night service. After church we took them to get something to eat and began talking about the Lord and salvation, they both had lots of questions and about five hours later, that same night, Faye accepted Christ! Jodie is still unsure, so please pray for her, that the Lord will continue to speak to her.

First Peruvian Saved: Almost two weeks later, I had a meeting with a young man that I have been working with for a while, Anthony, and his mother, Maruja. I was very nervous about this meeting because we were meeting to discuss Anthony moving in with us due to some family problems. Well, long story short, after about 3 hours of talking (witnessing), Maruja realized that her family problems were not caused by her family. She realized that she was the problem, and Maruja decided that she was tired of the life she had been living. And by God’s grace (through my broken Spanish), I was able to introduce Maruja to “The Life”, Jesus Christ. What an awesome privilege!
Bekah and I will be continuing to meet with both of these ladies and begin some basic discipleship classes. Please pray for them that they will become grounded and settled in the faith. And please pray for us, that God would give wisdom as we try to train them and glorify Him.

This month we also had our official inauguration service at Iglesia Bautista Omega. We advertised through passing out close to 10,000 flyers and tri-folds, making hundreds of phone calls, and many visits. The service was last Sunday, the 23rd, and God blessed our efforts with 166 in attendance. It was a great success and we praise God for the many new visitors and contacts that were made.

Well, we thank the Lord for all we have seen accomplished since our last letter to you. Thank you so much for your interest in our ministry here in Peru and most of all for your prayers for us. God Bless!


Jeremy, Rebekah, Brayden, Olivia Hall, and …..