Today’s reading Numbers 3-4:20

Numbers 3:9 And thou shalt give the Levites unto Aaron and to his sons: they are wholly given unto him out of the children of Israel.

God gave the Levites to the priests. The Levites were to take care of the physical aspects of the tabernacle and later the temple. They were to set up and move the Tabernacle. Their job was difficult, hard work. They needed strength and stamina! They carried all of the instruments of worship!

Here God tells the people that they are to give the Levites to Aaron and his sons. They were the priests. The Levites were to serve the priests. The job of the priests was difficult and they needed assistance so that they could focus on the spiritual aspect of their work.

In the New Testament we find the apostles busy at the work. Many needs come up that would pull them from the spiritual work. This story is found in Acts 6. The apostles let it be known that they need to focus on the ministry of the Word and prayer. They ask the church to choose out 7 men with great spiritual qualities. These men will take much service that would hinder the apostles. They will take a burden off of the spiritual leaders.

This is a much needed aspect of the church. That there would be men that would take care of things so that the pastors can dedicate themselves to the ministry of the Word and prayer. These men were not to take control. They were not to try and see to it that the pastor stayed in the lines but to free him more than ever to do what God called him to do!

There is no greater blessing in the world than to have a man that is willing to serve with the pastor, without seeking influence and control. A man whose love is never doubted, whose loyalty never comes into question will do great things to help the pastor and the church move forward. These men are rare men with hearts greater than we can imagine. Their hearts are given to the Lord Jesus first and then to the spiritual leaders God has called them to serve!