The following is taken from the book, In Light of Eternity. It is the life story of Leonard Ravenhill. I love the way this truth was expressed.

Leonard had a high view of marriage and a deep commitment to their loving relationship. But like any husband, there were times he had to be reminded of this.

One night after Martha and Len had prayed and prepared for bed, he lingered in the living room, continuing to pray. Shortly, he heard Martha call out, “Len, come on to bed.” He replied, “I will come when I finish.”

But, Martha’s words were even more insistent, “Len, you also have a wife!” God spoke to him through those words. He got up from prayer, went to the bedroom and slipped into bed. He later said that sometimes the most spiritual thing a man can do is to go to bed with his wife!

Mack Tomlinson, In Light of Eternity