Pastor Gary Ledford presented First Bible International tonight at Vision. We had a wonderful time with the Ledfords. We also were able to make a couple of programs from World Evangelism Today.

Please pray that God will continue to use the Ledfords and First Bible to get the gospel to the world.

Man has divided the world into political countries, but God originally divided the world into people groups. Each of these groups have their own distinct culture, customs and language.

The command of our Lord in Matthew 28:19 was to reach all “nations”(people groups). Our strategy must be to penetrate every people group with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Approximately 6000 of these people groups remain unreached. They are without the Scriptures, without a preacher, and without the gospel. As FirstBible becomes directly involved with them, profiles are created to highlight the facts, statistics and prayer needs of each group.

These profiles are intended not only to inform, but also to encourage you to pray for them. You may click on a people group name to download their profile.