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Freedom Scale 1

0- Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Eretria, Yemen

a. No religious freedom

b. Discipleship: If a new believer were to become known to his family or friends he would likely or possibly be killed for his faith, a murder the government would allow or even participate in. Christians are often imprisoned for their faith.

c. Evangelism: Proselytism is severely punished.

d. Church Planting: There are no known house churches meeting. If there are meetings they are between two or three believers. If the government were to know of the meetings they would be immediately stopped.

e. These countries pride themselves on remaining 100% Muslim with no exceptions.

f. Ministry opportunities: An effective outreach for these countries is through Internet and Satellite Television. Social outreach like medical aid and schools may provide a long-term opportunity to live out an example of Christ. More work needs to be done to reach people from these countries in Europe and America.

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