You must read this article. It is amazing that you haven’t heard anything about this. Religious violence in our country from a “supposed Christian” would be headlines. Violence against a Muslim would be on all the news channels but not this.

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USA (MNN) ― Everyday hundreds of people fall victim to street violence in the US. On the evening of Jan. 30, Steven Ocean, 23, and Titus Sifra, 24, became victims as well when Jeriah Woody, 18, shot and killed them at point-blank range after they shared the message of Christ with him, according to a witness.

The witness said Woody got a phone call and said he “had to go” after listening to the two for 15 minutes. He turned and started walking in the other direction, but then he suddenly turned back towards the three men wielding a gun. He shot Sufra at point-blank range. When the Ocean ran, he chased after him, shot him from behind, walked up to him and shot him in the head execution style. The witness ran in the other direction and escaped.

However, although the case is almost two weeks old now, there has been little media coverage.

Voice of the Martyrs Todd Netttleton says, “If this had been two Muslims out sharing the Quran and talking to people about Mohammad and they were shot and killed, there would be marches, there would be protest, there would be 24 hour coverage. As a Christian, that’s a frustrating thing that the media doesn’t seem to want to pay attention to incidents where Christians are targeted.”

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