Matt Allen has arrived with his family back on the field in Papua New Guinea. God is doing a great work and many decisions have been made. This is the first paragraph in a note that Matt published on his blog:

We are currently experiencing a great in-gathering of spiritual fruit here in the Kamea Region! God has blessed abundantly in the last two weeks and we have seen many souls come to Christ. A turning point was experienced two weeks ago on Friday when the national preachers were confronted after preaching in the market.

I want to challenge you to go read this post and thank God for what He is doing.

Then I have two questions for you! Are you giving to faith promise so that we can get enough money to help men like Matt Allen? Did you increase your faith promise like you felt led at our last mission’s conference? Both these questions constitute the first question. Now for the second question.

Will you pray and ask God if He might have you go to a place like Papua New Guinea and work? God has so much work to be done. There are fields white unto harvest all over the world. Will you give your children to go?

Wouldn’t it be exciting to be in the middle of something like what you are reading about here and in Matt’s blog? Don’t miss out on all God has for you!