I am finally back home. I am afraid some of the Vision Church people might not recognize me. I may be welcomed as a visitor. I have heard all sorts of comments and jokes. I just want all of you to know that I love you and I am excited to be back.

Lord willing, I will never have this sort of schedule again. God has worked in and through me and you while I was gone and I must thank and praise Him.

I returned from Argentina on Tuesday. I will be in the pulpit of Vision tonight for our mid week service. I can’t wait. I will be preaching on the New Testament Church.

Our daughter, Stephanie, is going to give birth today, most likely. She will be delivering twins. The little girl is set to arrive first, then the little boy. Betty may not be at church tonight because she may go on down to Augusta to be with Stephanie. I will go later, Lord willing.

Over the last few weeks I have been in Peru, Spain, and Argentina. I am sure you do not believe this but I do not enjoy traveling. I love being their with the men when I get there but I get very tired of the little cramped space in airplanes.

I have not trips scheduled now for a couple of months and I am very glad about that. I am asking God to continue to grow the church. He has taken us to 150 in average worship attendance now on Sunday mornings and that is wonderful. I am asking Him to reach more people through us and to help us make a real difference for His causes in Alpharetta and around the world.

Thanks for your patience. I love you all so much.