Ethan was shot with a .308 deer rifle in the lower left leg. He has been in critical condition though he is much more stable now. He has now received more than 8 units of blood.

Last night the doctor said that blood flow is still good. There are 3 arteries that serve the leg. Ethan only has two arteries from birth. So he only has two arteries one is bad and is good. Blood flow keeps the antibiotics to the tissue and fights infection.

They are waiting to see the doctor to see the results of the angiogram. This is an xray of the vascular system in his leg.

His leg is still super serious and we do not know if they will be able to save it or not.

Tony Howeth is having to cancel most of his meetings. He will try to preach local meetings but cannot travel normally. The only meetings he will be able to do are those on Sundays and Wednesdays.

I again ask you to consider a special offering for him. You can get info on this here.

I am in Northern Ireland and so cannot keep up with everything like I should but thank you for praying.

I should be getting some more information soon and will let you know. Be sure and read the comments because that is where I will put whatever else I hear today.

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