The following came from Mark Coffey at 9:46

Just found out that Ethan Howeth’s vitals are getting better and his blood flow is improving. They are transferring him to either Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA where they are more prepared to work on his foot. He is still in critical condition though

This came in at 10:38

Ethan Howeth is now off the ventilator. They are preparing him for the transfer to Atlanta or Charlotte. Pray Atlanta will be available so his friends will be able to visit him.

This came in at 11:20

Ethan Howeth is being transferred to Atlanta. I will update you on the exact info when I have it.

This is all I have for now but will get you more information as it develops.

I just decided to add this here instead of in the comments so you could find it more easily. This just came in at 12:04 pm

Ethan Howeth will be tranfered to
Atlanta Medical Center
303 Parkway Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 265-4000

via ambulance

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