Others can see the hand of God on my life and ministry.

He put the burden on me but He also has helped me live a life that met themrequirements of the ministry. He gave me the ability. I went before my pastor and he could see that in me. A group of Godly men have examined me and they can see it. Not only do I think that God called me but others recognize it in me. God has placed His hand on me. I feel very humble when I think about it but the God of Heaven has counted me worthy and put me in His ministry. One of the wonderful things about it is that I am not the only one who thinks so. You wouldn’t be here today unless God had impressed on others that you have been called of God. You had to prove your call. You had to let others see it and they did.

God has confirmed or will be confirming His call in you.

He opened doors for you in your church, at the mission, in other churches, and in the work. He called you. Never, never forget it. Hold on. He that called you will see you through.

God’s call is what holds me when I get down.

I often think of quitting. I often get tired but then I remember. I am not in Peru because I want to be. I am not going as a missionary because I am a good guy. I am not there because I like it. I didn’t choose to go He called me. I would be afraid to do anything less. When I get down I just remember, (I try to forget), but it is still there I came here under orders. I do not want to embarrass my God, my Calling, my Church, my Mission Board. I will stay. I will not allow myself to think of other things. I will not try to rationalize it. I will not try to figure a way out of it. I will get a hold of God. He sent me He has to help me stay. For 30 years now He has not failed me and He won’t fail you. He has a job for you to do and He will give you more grace and help if you will just allow Him to do so