Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

I hope you are all doing well back in the U.S. I hear there is a lot of snow going around and we are missing it all. I won’t lie to you, I don’t miss it. But my wife is definitely missing the cold weather.
Growth continues to happen in every way. Katie’s belly is growing, her spanish ability is growing, Omega Baptist is growing and best of all is that the people I am investing my life in are growing. It is so exciting to see God working in people’s lives!

I mentioned a young man to you by the name of Alex. It is so exciting to see the amazing change that God is making in his life since six months ago. I thank God that he is taking the opportunity to share his faith with all of the relationships in his life. Since our last prayer letter, he has introduced us to a couple of his friends, Ana and Jenny. They are sisters and started attending church with us a few weeks back. The youngest, Ana (15), wanted to know more about the Gospel. So we took her out to lunch, along with Alex, and shared how she could be reconciled to God! She accepted Christ that afternoon and is growing tremendously. Katie has started going through discipleship lessons with her and we are seeing her grow in the word of God.

I ask you to pray for Ana’s sister, Jenny. She has been very willing to hear the Gospel and listen intently to what the Bible says, but she is not willing to give her life over to Christ. There are many things that are holding her down, giving her false hopes. Her thoughts are, that if she were to give her life to Christ, she would lose so many things and miss out on so much. She does not understand the greatness of our God! Pray with me that she will see the love of God and his grace.

Katie is doing great in language school and just finished her second book out of five. That means she is 40% through language school! Her language ability is great and she is learning very quickly. Be praying for her as she continues to learn.

Omega is seeing some great things happen. Not only are we growing in number, but we are seeing a lot of spiritual growth also. I was able to deal with a young man that has had problems with marihuana. He has been saved for a couple of years, but started hanging around the wrong people when he was in the city of Lima. He actually started dealing drugs and consuming them also. The great work of the Holy Spirit is that He bears testimony with our spirit that we are children of God. He approached me and told me he wanted to change and did not want to continue doing the things that he was doing. Please pray for this young man as he tries to leave the old friends and join new ones. Also that he would continue to fall in love with the King of Kings!

Thank you so much for your prayer and support. I could not thank you enough for allowing me to represent your church here in Peru. God is using our family even though we don’t deserve it! It’s amazing!

For His Glory,
David and Katie Gardner
Missionaries to Peru
Macedonia World Baptist Missions

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