I am so grateful to all of you that have shown so much interest in Ethan Howeth. He is still in very rough shape. He is doing better though. Thank you for praying.

This first picture is of Ethan on one of his better days.


Yesterday was Ethan’s 14th birthday. He didn’t have his best birthday yet however there were lots of people there expressing their love. Family and friends came in from every where. People have emailed and called from all over the world.


This is the latest update from Mark Coffey. I am sure we will get more news later today.

Ethan is out of surgery. The bleeding isn’t that bad. Vital signs are good and it isn’t critical. They will be doing an angioplast tomorrow but no surgery is scheduled.

The leg is still very questionable.


While you pray for Ethan I want to ask you to remember to pray for the entire Howeth family. Pray that God will meet their needs financially. You can help. Get more info here.

Let me also ask that you specially pray for all the Howeth children. Pray for Seth, Lauryn, and Camryn. Pray that God will give them extra special grace and blessing. Pray that He will show them His great love for them.

Pray for Seth. Let him know how much you love him too.

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