Dad and his brothers were orphaned at the age of 6. Their mother died. They were raised in different foster homes, orphanages, and moved from family to family.

Dad lived much of his life on his own. He early began to live a very rough life. He had been hurt and was not happy.

Somewhere around the age of 25 he got married. He married into a very godly family. He soon after accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. I never knew him as anything but a good, godly man!

In one day the Lord delivered him from the bondage of alcohol and tobacco. All of my life I was taken to church. I knew that God was to have a very important part in my life.

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My children or my grandchildren never knew of his life of sin prior to Christ except by way of testimony. God used Dad to start a godly heritage in our family.


Tonight as I write this my dad lies at the door of heaven. I was able to gather my grandchildren around tonight and tell them that Papaw will probably never wake up here on earth again but he will wake up soon in Heaven.

This will happen not because he was good but because we have a good God. It is the grace of God that makes the difference in all of our lives. He loved us as unworthy sinners. He paid the entire price of salvation.

What a God and what a difference He made in the life of my dad!