“The families of missionaries also may suffer unnecessarily during their time over seas if they are given insufficient pre-field training and orientation. Wives sometimes have no idea of what it will be like to run a home and raise a family in a foreign country.”

“A thorough program of cross-cultural training will not remove all these problems, but it will help missionaries and their spouses to prepare themselves and anticipate what may lie ahead.”

“Too many families have suffered because they were given insufficient preparation for missionary service; too many marriages have ended in divorce; too many wives have suffered break downs or depression; too many children carry scars of bitterness because no one ever cared about their feelings. The burden of responsibility for providing adequate preparation rests with the churches and mission agencies which send them out.”

“It is not only the missionaries who suffer if they are given inadequate preparation for cross cultural service, the people to whom they are sent also suffer.

David Harley, Preparing to Serve. Training for Cross Cultural Mission. (William Carey Library, Pasadena, California 1995)