Surely the great danger today, and especially in certain circles, is over-intellectualisation.

I have often striven to persuade people to become more intellectual and to be less sentimental in their approach to the Christian faith, but at the present time I am equally certain that some people need to be warned of the danger of being over-intellectual and of losing contact with the great historic facts on which our faith is based.

Any Christian who does not respond to a sermon on the Nativity had better re-examine his whole position in Christ.

If you yourself as preacher cannot still be moved by a sermon which just deals with the facts and details of the death of our blessed Lord on the Cross on Calvary’s hill, if you do not feel as if you had never preached it before, and if you are not as moved by it as you have ever been, I say again that you had better examine your foundations.

And the same is true of the people. So these special occasions have great value in this respect, that they, in a sense, compel us to go back, and to remind ourselves of these things which after all are the fundamentals on which our whole position rests.

Martyn Lloyd Jones, Preaching and Preachers