This series of articles was written by veteran missionary Mark Coffey. You can find out more about Mark, his ministry in South Africa, and Camp Rhino at and

Camp Rhino will be a place of refuge for the people of South Africa. It is here they will find training by local pastors and missionaries for the purpose of church ministry and church planting. Our desire is to make an impact in this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus tells us to take the Gospel to the world, and we believe the Bible teaches us to carry out that command in the context of starting local churches and discipling pastors to faithfully lead those churches. We are taught to invest our lives in faithful men who can teach others. When people think of Camp Rhino, we don’t want them to think this is a ministry outside the church.


Camp Rhino is a ministry completely involved with local churches and it’s main purpose is to help accelerate church planting efforts and growth within those communities. The philosophy and heart of Camp Rhino wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a fellowship of local churches that will be able to use the camp facilities on a regular basis. The pastors, missionaries, and leaders of those churches will be the ones who lead the different camps. Camp Rhino will be a place of retreat and spiritual renewal, a place to get away for a short time of evangelism, encouragement, and training. We believe this will help equip people as they return to their communities for ministry and will serve as a tremendous aid in starting a church planting movement all over South Africa and the world. Please help us pray for Camp Rhino.

Please be in prayer for Mark and his family as they currently are in the States raising funds to realize the vision of Camp Rhino.