This series of articles was written by veteran missionary Mark Coffey. You can find out more about Mark, his ministry in South Africa, and Camp Rhino at and

In December 2016, my family and I came back to the States from South Africa to begin sharing our dreams and vision for Camp Rhino.  At the beginning of the year, I announced our goal of raising $100,000 by the end of 2017 to use toward the purchase of 15 to 20 acres of property to house the new camp.  As of June, over $60,000 has come in or been committed.  It’s amazing to see so many get behind the Camp Rhino project.  Donations as small as 50 cents up to $10,000 have been given.


People are grasping the vision for a camp and training center ministry in South Africa. Not only have donations been given, but many churches committed to sending groups to South Africa to help build and work the camp.  Our plans are to return to South Africa at the first part of January to purchase the property and, Lord willing, begin construction in February or March.  We hope to hold our first camp in July 2018.  We look forward to seeing even more people get involved in making Camp Rhino a reality at the ground level.  This is a dynamic ministry where people from all walks of life have an opportunity to be a part.

Please be in prayer for Mark and his family as they currently are in the States raising funds to realize the vision of Camp Rhino.