This series of articles was written by veteran missionary Mark Coffey. You can find out more about Mark, his ministry in South Africa, and Camp Rhino at and

While working in our new church, New Life Baptist Church of Kwadwesi, a few young people began to be faithful and show interest in learning more of the word and a willingness to help in the ministry.  I started spending as much time with these young guys as I could, even having them stay the weekends and holidays at my house.


As we spent more time together, other young people became interested in being part of this group. Unfortunately, the space in my house wasn’t going to be large enough to accommodate everyone. In addition to being limited by space, my wife and I were a little concerned about bringing all these boys around our 14-year-old daughter. 🙂


I started praying about how we could continue having these boys be a part of our lives but not be limited by the amount of space I had in my house.  What could we do to create a place of refuge for these boys who for the most part were around open sin on a regular basis.  You see, a lot of these boys grow up in homes with no other Christians.  They grow up in a very small house or shack with drugs, alcohol, sex, and nudity right in front of their eyes.  I wanted to provide for them a place where they wouldn’t constantly be bombarded by wicked lifestyles, a place where they could grow in Christ and realize it is possible to live a holy life pleasing to our Savior.


From those prayers and thoughts came the idea of Camp Rhino.

Please be in prayer for Mark and his family as they currently are in the States raising funds to realize the vision of Camp Rhino.