Ben, Crystal, Evie and Maddox are church planting missionaries to China.

There is a saying in Chinese: 人山人海, (ren shan ren hai). It means, People mountain, people sea. It is a saying used to explain how many people are in China.

China is a place with cities larger than most U.S. states. With such a large population, it means that more Chinese die and enter Christless graves than any other country in the world. Many may look at China as a country as impossible or nearly impossible to spread the Gospel, but the truth is that although it is not completely open, it is open enough. Open enough that the Gospel can be preached, churches can be started and men can be trained for the ministry.

The Johnson family has already purchased their plane tickets and are leaving on February 16, 2016. They are currently at 77% of their support.

There are a few openings left in their calendar to fill before they leave. If you would like to have them at your church please call 770-406-6673 or e-mail

You can find out more at their website