I am reading a book called Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald. This chapter and the point of this chapter hit me pretty hard.

Drivenness is a quality seen in people motivated to make something of themselves for less than the best reasons.

There are lots of driven people doing very good things.

How can you spot a driven person?

A driven person is most often gratified only by accomplishment.

A driven person is preoccupied with the symbols of accomplishment.

A driven person is usually caught in the uncontrolled pursuit of expansion.

Driven people tend to have a limited regard for integrity.

Driven people are not likely to bother themselves with the honing of people skills.

Driven people tend to be highly competitive.

A driven person often possesses a volcanic force of anger which can erupt anytime he senses opposition or disloyalty.

Driven people are usually abnormally busy, are averse to play, and usually avoid spiritual worship.

The author says that King Saul is one of the best examples to typify the driven man.

As I read this it made me realize how much of a worldly attitude I can develop. I do not want to be driven. I want to be spirit led. What do you think?