Today’s reading II Samuel 12-14

II Samuel 13:21 But when king David heard of all these things, he was very wroth.

There has been strong sin in David’s family and kingdom. His son has raped his daughter. David is super angry about that. He however does nothing to judge and discipline the sin. This angers another brother.

David’s lack of decision and discipline brings great destruction to him and his family. One son will kill another son. Then that son will be killed.

Sometimes we are in shock about things that happen. We are angry and want to do something but do not know what to do. Our lack of acting causes others to get even more angry and that will lead them to doing things way out of proportion.

We must be watchful and decisive as leaders. We must make sure that right is done and wrong is punished.

The same is true of our children. This is a big step and a large responsibility.

God help us have wisdom to lead our families, our businesses, our ministries, etc!