I just wanted to take the time to write a little letter to my Papaw.  I don’t know if he will be able to hear or understand it but I wanted to express what was on my heart.



Words can not express how much I love you and look up to you.  You are a mighty man.  I have been thinking about you soo much and have realized how much God has used you.

I want to thank you for being such a wonderful dad and granddad.  If it weren’t for you giving your life to the Lord and taking a stand for Him we would not be the family we are today.

Because of your life and testimony and letting God work through you, you raised kids that love and fear the Lord and that are serving Him.

I love hearing your testimony how the Gardner name was not a name to look up to or one you wanted to be like, but when you gave your life to the Lord, you changed the GARDNER name into a honorable name that people could respect and look up to that loves the Lord.

Thanks for raising the best son in the word, my dad, he learned from a wonderful man how to raise children to love the Lord and stand for Him.  If it weren’t for you that started the change in the Gardner family you wouldn’t have grandkids on the mission field and in the States serving the Lord and trying to reach the world with the wonderful gospel that changed your life.

We are such a blessed family to have had such a wonderful man to start off the best of the Gardner family.  We are richer than anyone else because we have the privilege to serve the Lord and have such a close family.

I am sorry I have not always been the granddaughter I should have been and following what you taught so much to honor the Lord, but I am thankful that even though I have failed, I have had such a strong background and right heritage that I have always come back to what is right thanks to all the teachings you started through my dad and then on to me

And I hope I will be able to carry on all the wonderful things you have taught and shown to us, to my kids so that they may also grow up to love the Lord and do great things for Him and then you will have sons, grandkids and great grandkids following what you taught.

I have so many memories with you and love them.  I remember me giving you manicures and pounding your hand on the table.  I remember always sitting on your lap and you acting all tough that you were going to beat me but you never would you were always sweet. There are so many things I remember and am thankful for the memories you left behind.

Well I am sorry if I could not express everything that I feel.  It is hard to get it all out and on to paper and especially with 2 languages going through my head.

I love you and thank you so much.  The only thing that comforts me is that I will get to see you and be with you again one day.