An Overview of Ankara
Ankara is the captial of Turkey and the nation’s second largest city. While all roads may not lead to Rome, all of Turkey’s highways intersect in Ankara. It’s geographical location, in the center of the country, is highlighted by being the seat of the Turkish government. With a population of 4.4 million, Ankara is an important commercial and political center.
Historically, the city has been at the center of many archaic empires including the Ottoman, Hittite, Roman, and Byzantine. All of these empires left a lasting impression on the city, and today, modern Ankara is known as a city of higher learning.

Religion in Ankara
Islam is the largest religion of Turkey. Around 96% percent of the population is registered as Muslim, however, a survey in 2007 found that about 3% of adults claimed no religion at all. Since the early 19th Century, all forms of Christianity and Judaism have had a steep decline to less than 1% of the population today. Most claiming Christianity adhere to the Greek Orthodox tradition. 
Would you pray that God would send more laborers to this city and country to lift His name high?
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