1. Simple Fool

The simple fool thinks church planting is the cool thing to do. The simple fool doesn’t know anything about it. The simple fool was easily talked into it.

2. The Easy Way Fool

The easy way fool thinks church planting is easy. It must be easier than a secular job out in the real world.

3. Fun Way Fool

The fun way fool thinks that church planting is going to be fun or cool. Church planting is the “extreme sports” of church.

4. Adversarial Fool

The adversarial fool want control. This fool wants to do it their way because it must be the best way, better than that other way.

5. Glory Way Fool

The glory way fool thinks church planting is the glorious thing to do. They want to the spotlight on them. They want the glory for themselves.

6. Predatory Fool

The predatory fool wants to plant a church just to take advantage of other people.

Don’t be a fool.