November 24, 2015

James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

I love the way the Bible says that Satan will flee from us. He will run like a coward, like a thief that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He is not so big and brave. He is a coward. He is a defeated foe.

I think we all want him to flee. We want victory. This verse gives us the key about how to go about getting this victory. We submit ourselves to God.

That means that I decide to obey God and do what He wants rather than what I want. I will obey Him and follow His instructions instead of my own. This verse isn’t so much about what I do as an attitude of my heart.

I need to learn to think His thoughts, to say that what He says is true and that what I think is not true. I need to bring my thoughts into captivity to Him.

I think that He doesn’t love me. I think that He is not blessing me like He does others or like He should. I think that He isn’t pleased with me and even if He loves me He doesn’t like me that much.

The truth is that I can’t find any of that in the Scriptures. God’s Word doesn’t say any of the things that I have been thinking. It actually says the opposite but for some reason I feel good thinking the negative things about myself.

If I am to submit then I have to say what God says. I have to think what He told me to think. I have to change my thought patterns for His thought patterns.

Once I begin thinking what He wants me thinking then I simply tell the devil the truth. When those lies come to my mind I say no to them and yes to the truth. Then I express the truth to myself and to the enemy.

When I tell the devil that I know that what He is saying is not true and tell him instead what the Word of God says I am resisting Him. I am telling Him no and the Lord Jesus yes.

There is not magical incantation. There is no magic formula for my success. I simply submit myself to what God is saying and tell the devil the truth.

I also have to tell myself the truth. When I say what is true then I am obeying God and resisting the devil.

Now I step into the realm of His promise. He said that if I would submit myself to God and resist the devil then the devil will flee or run like a coward.

How about thinking on this truth today? How about putting it into practice for a few days to see if it makes sense to you? We have the victory so let’s learn to live it out!

Our victory is Christ. So let’s submit and resist and watch the devil flee!