Today’s reading II Kings 19-21

II Kings 20:19 Then said Hezekiah unto Isaiah, Good is the word of the LORD which thou hast spoken. And he said, Is it not good, if peace and truth be in my days?

Hezekiah makes huge mistakes in his life and ministry. God speaks to him and tells him that he will suffer the consequences. The part that always gets my attention and bothers me is his selfishness.

God tells him that the punishment will actually fall on his children. He will be robbed blind. He will lose the kingdom. His sons will be castrated.

Hezekiah’s response is, well isn’t it good that it will not happen to me or while I am alive?

How often do we live thinking only of ourselves and not even our children? Are we concerned to help them go further and accomplish more than we did in our lifetimes or are we only concerned that bad stuff not happen to us!

Is it enough to look out for number 1! Or should we be concerned about the church and ministry we are leaving our children?

Our lives and ministries will soon be over. Have we trained and prepared the next generation? Are we preparing others to accomplish more than we have accomplished? God help us be a help!