The following comes from an email I received from Ric Hurd, Mission Evangelist – Southeast Area Rep
International Partnership Ministries, Inc. This is about the ministry of Royden Saul

Dear Friends and Family,

We appreciate you standing with us during this calamity, but we know that you have been praying for us even before that, and it is because of your prayers that we escaped death on Tuesday. We had just arrived in Port-au-Prince from Bassin, when the earthquake hit, and are unable to return to Bassin at this time.

The situation here is a nightmare, as bodies are being found and more are still trapped inside buildings. Yesterday, many of those who were trapped inside the rubble have stopped calling for help. Many of the workers have stopped pulling bodies out because of the bad smell. Everywhere you go, you can smell the bodies, which they have piled on the side of the roads. Maude, (my mom)’s brother was killed when his building collapsed, but we have not yet found his body in the debris. Wife and baby were pulled from the rubble with injuries. All communication lines are down in Haiti.

The streets are full of homeless people with no food, shelter or water, and they are becoming desperate, and have started to riot, stealing everything they can find. Please pray for our safety as we try to help those who we are able. We have been going to some dangerous areas, searching for those who we can help. The gas in our truck is almost empty; and it is impossible to find fuel.

We are living in our yard, even though our house is still standing, but it is dangerous to be back inside because of aftershocks.

We are still searching for food and water; businesses are closed, and many owners and staff are dead. The little money that we had in our pockets on Tuesday is running short and the banks are all closed. Yesterday we were able to purchase some formula for some babies.

As far as the ministry is concerned, our campus was preserved. At this moment we will continue with the school and feeding program as long as our resources last. Only God knows what the future holds….

We are sending this in a hurry, so if you can forward it to anyone that we missed, we would appreciate it.

The Sauls in Haiti