What do you do when you see so much need? There is poverty. There is dirt, degradation, sin, and every other problem you can imagine.

You know that the gospel has the answer for every need. But in this country you see so much physical need and suffering compared to what you know in your country. Your heart wants so badly to reach out and meet physical needs. It is easy to get off track because you want to do so much good.

The problem is that the good you would do is only temporary. They might eat more and live better but eternity might remain unchanged.

Helping physically feels so good but there is an inherent problem. You only have so much money. It is the old question and proverb attributed to the Chinese. Do you feed him a fish or teach him to fish?

We can make the work advance so much more quickly. We know what it should look like. We want to see church buildings like we are used to.

We get involved in the work. We build buildings for them. We pay salaries and meet needs.

This causes two problems. First, they begin to depend on us and often do not pick up their part of the load. We need them to carry all of it as soon as possible. The second problem is that it costs so much to do this work that we are always in financial trouble and can’t get ahead and do more in other places.

The work can only advance as fast as we can raise money. We have learned to train leaders but have no way to fund them. We complain about deputation and how hard it is to get money. We just know that if we had the money we could do the work.

What if there is another view of this problem that I have missed for so many years. I believe we will all admit the problem. We have seen the enemy and it just might be our misplaced love for the people.

We want them to enjoy life like we do. We really think that our lifestyle, our country, our social level is the blessing of God. So we hasten to get them all the things we have.

Eventually we teach them to be as covetous as we are. It seems we have but want more. We never have enough. They will be there soon. They will be angry that we do not share everything with them. Communism becomes their goal. Share and share alike.

They begin to resent giving because the rich missionary has so much and asks them to give.

What if we gave them the Word of God and taught them Bible principles and let them carry the work forward as God touches their hearts.

I am trying to learn so much and hope to have more to share later!

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