Financial Reports for 2011

  • $290,509 came in offerings for the year
  • $88,417 was given in Faith Promise offerings
  • $38,277 was given in Special Mission’s giving and offerings
  • A total of $126,694 was given towards missions in 2011
  • $615,383 given to missions since the church started less than 6 years ago!
  • The Nehemiah Initiative or our building fund has $37,255 currently
  • $12,025 given to start a new church in Fulton County
  • The equity position of Vision Baptist Church increased from $38,476 at January 1, 2011 to $90,917 at December 31, 2011.
  • Vision Baptist Church has no debt.

Sunday School report We averaged 132 in Sunday School in 2010 and increased to 154 in 2011
Mission’s report

  • Vision Baptist Mission now has 10 families going to ten different countries
  • Vision Baptist Church now has 15 staff missionaries
  • Vision supports 34 missionaries to 18 countries
  • Vision commissioned five new missionaries

Vision for 2012


  • Give out 15,000 gospel tracts door to door around the church allowing us to touch over 50,000 people with the gospel
  • Put up a sign on MacFarland
  • Purchase signs to be used to point to the church
  • Challenge each of you to give out 366 tracts above the door to door tracts which would amount to our church giving out over 50,000 total tracts this year
  • Have a monthly church wide visitation breakfast and 2 hour door tagging
  • New follow up system for visitors starting this spring.


  • Elect deacons
  • Enlist more people in the deacons in training group
  • Pray for teachers as they commit to another year
  • Pray for those that are going to be involved discipling others
  • Get more involved in Foundations

Plant a church some where in Fulton County and begin training future church planters for the USA

  • Find where God would have us start the church in Fulton Country
  • Rent a room that will be used for the services
  • Plan to start on Easter Sunday
  • I will personally be going down and preaching until God raises up a man
  • Will be arranging a meeting with those that want to be involved in helping with the new church plant

Get a choir that will sing regularly

Seeing Vision grow

  • Increase the number of non missionary and trainee members of our church. Ask God for an average attendance in the AM preaching service of 140 which is an increase of about 35 over present average-purchase more chairs
  • Put in place a new follow up program that you can get involved with
  • Find property and ask God to raise the finances for the purchase. Should have over $70,000 in Nehemiah Initiative at the end of the year as we are going now but asking you to pray with me that God would give us $300,000 to be able to buy-form a prayer team to work on this building and pray for what God might have for us

Develop a pastor’s prayer team

  • Men that will meet with me before each service to pray
  • Different men before Sunday School, AM, PM, and midweek

God has been very good to us as a church! I am so excited and blessed to be serving Him with you! Pray that God will do great things at Vision in 2012!