Ouagadougou, February 4, 2010

Greetings in the name of our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We hope that God is working in your lives. Thank you so much for your support and prayers. It is a blessing to see how God is workingin Burkina Faso.

This month Pastor Austin Gardner from the US was visiting us with two other brothers. Thanks to God they were moments of blessing for the couples of the church. One of the couples were reconciled after a long time apart. They have decided to work on their marriage again!


We celebrated the fifth anniversary of the church in Tengandogo by the grace of God. We had 400 visitors and 4 accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Amen! I want to share with you a great material blessing that God has given us through a group of missionaries. They have given us a motorcyle which has made life so much easier for us here! Also, the two men who came with Pastor Gardner gave us cell phones. We are very thankful to them and our good God.

The Lord has allowed me to preach for a few minutes in French! For me it is a great blessing as I see His hand in my life and the life of my wife. She also taught the young ladies in French!
We are happy with what has happened this month of January. We love you all. Please recieve our warmest greetings and may the grace of God continue in your lives.


Prayer Requests:
• For Bro. Keith Shumaker (the veteran missionary we work with) as he travels to the U.S.
• For the anniversary of the Living Water Baptist Church this month on the 7th.
• That God would continue helping us to learn French
• For Bro. Alfonso and his marriage
• That God would raise up more laborers
• For those who have recently received Christ
• That the families would practice what God sowed in their hearts
• For the missionaries of the church: Pastor Salif, Mamdou, Tali, and Konate