Last week we, Vision Baptist Missions, had orientation for our missionaries. It was a great week. Many decisions were made at orientation and I believe God is going to bless the commitments that were made last week. I believe we spent close to 50 hours in class time. Biblical teaching that helped the missionaries to know what is expected out of them in ministry,  problems that they will face, and motivation to do more. They were over 58 staff missionaries and students at the Our Generation Training Center that were being trained to be effective missionaries on the foreign field.

I just wanted to post some notes that were an incredible encouragement and help to me. The topic was on “Becoming a Learner”. I hope these notes help you as you seek to fulfill God’s Will for your life.

What is the difference between mediocre and perfection?
  • It doesn’t matter if you are working longer hours.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are working harder than anyone else.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are learning more than anyone else.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are sacrificing more than anyone else.
The difference between mediocre and perfection is prioritizing your life.
You have to be able to tell yourself what I am going to do with it in order to reach your goals. Everyone prioritize their life but most don’t do it. It is almost a magical when you see someone telling themselves what to do and then listening because it is so rare. Prioritization matters the most you have to be able to tell yourself what to do. You have to schedule your priorities. Anyone that is going to do something with their lives must decide what God wants to do with their life then prioritize it that way. A crazy thought is this. Do you realize that we are all given the exact same amount of time. The President of America and myself  have both been given the exact same amount of time. We must learn how to prioritize. But the truth is that every choice we make shows our prioritization. And the truth is that we prioritize entertainment more than things that really count. One of those priorities we must learn is LEARNING must become a priority in our lives. Priorities aren’t based on our desires but your choices.
So here are some things we must prioritize if we are going to be a learner.
  1. We must seek God first (this matters more than anything else.)

    1. Read your bible. If learning is a priority then you need to go to the source of all wisdom, the Bible. That means you have a systematic plan of going through the bible. Know God’s word. You would be shocked if you knew how many Christians there are who have already come to a conclusion on doctrine that have never read their bible all the way through. Become a bible man or woman. Read the Word.
    2. Don’t teach about God know God. The problem with our pulpits is not that we have men to preach but rather we don’t have men who know God preach. We must seek after God. We must press toward the mark of KNOWING HIM. That should be our goal press towards that mark. KNOW GOD.
    3. Set up accountability in your life. This will help you stay faithful if you have friend that will hold your feet to the fire. Also this will also encourage others to do the same as what you are doing.
  2. Use drive time to learn.

    1. We can spend a lot of time in our car and driving around. So why not redeem that time and listen to new things that will help us? To be honest we live in a day and time where there is no excuse for not learning. Get an account with audible, listen to audible books, listen to podcast, and listen to sermons. It takes 10,000 studying hours to become an expert on a subject. Use your driving time to become an expert.
  3. Figure out where my weaknesses are and then change them.

    1. When was the last time you asked someone who is older and wiser to tell you your weaknesses. How well do you know your bible? Be honest do you work well with others? Can you influence others? Are you a great expositor? Are you a servant? Do you have the problem of finishing books you started? These are the questions that you need the answer. If you are going to become a learner you must find out where your problems and weakness are and then change it.
  4. Get off the Internet 

    1. The internet can be one of the greatest tools and it can be one of the greatest hindrances if we allow it. How much time do you spend on social media while learning how to be anti-social? Think out the hours you spend on youtube, Facebook and netflix. I wonder if we were to give an audit on the time that you spent on the internet how much of it would have been for learning and how much of it would have been wasted on entertainment. Don’t fall in that trap PRIORITIZE your time and learn. Set a schedule and live by that schedule. Get off the internet and do something that will help you reach your full potential for God’s glory.
  5. Read different kinds of books to read

    1. Read your bible. When you speak the bible needs to ooze out of you and in order this for this to happen you have to read the Bible often. Read biographies they will encourage you and they will challenge you. You will see how God used men and hopefully you will get new ideas to implement in your ministry. Books on leadership. Books on preaching, if you are a preacher this is one of the most important things you will ever do. So always grow in this area. Read fun book. Learning can be fun and it should be. Then read one book you don’t like but you need to read.
Biggest problem with learners is they fall in love with learning. We learn to do and that should always be in our mind. Knowledge puffs up but we learn to do. James 4:17 And we must learn to attach habits around learning.
I hope that these notes are a blessing to you, I know that they were a huge blessing to me. May God bless you all as you seek to reach the world in our generation.
Robert Canfield
Director of OGTC