Several of us went by to see Ethan Howeth yesterday afternoon after we left Pastor Brian Rhodes’ operation.

Ethan came down to the lobby in a wheel chair. He seemed to be in very good spirits. He has been able to get up and walk quite a bit. He has learned to get about in his wheel chair though I was told that an old lady beat him in a wheel chair race.


His skin graft is causing the most problem right now. Not where they put the skin but where they took it from. The time in Scottish Rite has been a very good time for the family and a big help according to Brother Tony.

A lady that volunteers with her pets has come by and the dog has become a very good friend to Ethan.


God has been very good to this very special family. They are loved all over the USA and the world. There have been many people that have been in touch with them to just tell them that they love them. The family wants to thank all of you.

After we left yesterday Stacey posted the following:

Stacey Johnson Howeth getting ready to go see Ethan….he did well in his PT’s yesterday, looking forward to another good day! I was just about as tired as Ethan was yesterday…bless his heart he fell asleep before 6:30 pm….they wore him out! 🙂

This was earlier that same day:

Stacey Johnson Howeth have been finished with therapy/rehab for about 30 minutes today…Ethan has done EXCELLENT with it….I have been so impressed with his attitude with everything….Always has a smile & cutting up with everyone….now enjoying the down time…has been a busy day today…..

I once again want to ask you to think of helping the Howeth family at this time. They are dealing with a great deal of financial stress as you can imagine. Click here to find out how to help.