What a day! That is about all I know ow to say. I slept about 9 hours last and woke fairly rested though I am tired again.

This morning I taught the pastors and students for 4 hours as missionary Keith Shumaker translated. Then tonight before church I taught the staff for about 40 minutes.

Then Chris Fies preached the evening service. It was wonderful. Brother Keith translated.

The best part of the day was when we had prayer meeting after the service. Voices were lifted to God in prayer in at least 3 languages.

The man behind me kept saying oui or yes as his wife prayed for at least 5 minutes. Then he began to pray. He prayed much longer than her and with much heart and passion.

The same was happening all over the room. It was beautiful beyond description. I know the heart of the Lord Jesus was greatly blessed. It touched me greatly. I wish you could have been here.

These people have little to nothing but they know God. They are sweet and wonderful people.

I dreamed of people all over the world doing the same, lifting up the name Jesus in prayer. I asked God to send missionaries all over the world to teach others about Jesus.

I prayed that you, my reader, would give your life to take the gospel to another part of the world. I thought of how I wish that I could go. I wish I could be divided into a 1,000 pieces and go all over the world.

I want to preach more, start more churches, send more missionaries. I want to see God raise up men to go the villages and take the gospel.

I can never quit going to the field. I must keep a heart for so many that have not heard. I beg God to touch you so that you will do more and more for Him!