Dear Pastor,

God has given me the privilege of being Miguel and Mariangela Sanabria’s pastor for several years now! Miguel was actually the first person saved in our church. He was born again here and has grown from birth to maturity here in Vision. I had the privilege of marrying them and watching them grow into the great ministry servants that they are today. I know that God has prepared them for this new ministry He has before them.

Miguel has served as a pastor on our church staff. He has lead our Spanish ministry and also started a new Spanish ministry in Cartersville, Georgia at the Cloverleaf Baptist Church, pastor Justin Gazaway. Miguel is a hardworking, diligent servant of the Lord. He is a discipling machine. He has done every possible ministry here at Vision. He is highly loved and respected. He has taken care of our ministry podcasts. He has worked in Sunday School and every other ministry in our church. Miguel is the kind of team player every pastor would dream of working with. He loves Jesus. He loves his church. He is a highly respected leader in our church

Mariangela has been a part of our special music for over 8 years. She is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. She has served in every ministry of our church as well. Miguel and Mariangela are loved at Vision. They are the heart and core of our church.

Losing Miguel and Mariangela to the mission field has cost our church and me! They have been a tremendous blessing to Vision Baptist Church. I never want to see anyone go to the mission field who doesn’t cost the church to send them. Miguel and Mariangela cost. That is a tremendous recommendation. We are not sending someone extra that was sitting on the pew but a family greatly used of God in our church, servants, a pastor, one of my right hand men.

Miguel and Mariangela will be serving as a church planting missionaries in Colombia. They have prepared for this for years now. They have already done the ministry, serving as pastor and wife of two Spanish congregations. They both surrendered to missions many years ago. It is time!

Miguel is a man of character.  He is hard working, diligent, faithful, and hungry to be used of God.  Miguel is taking a very big step now as he sets out to start deputation. He is leaving a successful and growing ministry. His life already counts greatly but he believes God has something more for him. Colombia is in desperate need of church planting missionaries, the kind that really start churches! Colombia is probably the most under evangelized country in South America. At this time God is working greatly there and giving an unbelievable harvest. The need is great. The time is right. I ask you to help them hurry to the field.

I wanted to write to you and ask you to have Miguel in. He will bless your church. He will do a good job in Colombia. He has more than proven how God can use him here at Vision. He is worthy of your support.

If you have any further questions about Miguel, his character, dedication, preparation, or service please feel free to give me a call.

Our church staff and my family are overjoyed at this decision while at the same time grieving the loss of very great servants and friends in our local ministry. Please bless those that have been such a blessing to us!

Yours to evangelize the world in our generation,

W. Austin Gardner

Matthew 6:33