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2- Morocco and Tunisia

a. Feigned religious freedom

b. Discipleship: A believer is sometimes known locally by family, friends, and others in his city as a Christian. He receives harassment but an “honor killing” would be prosecuted by the government. Christians are not known on a national level for fear of persecution.

c. Evangelism: Proselytism is against the law carrying a small jail time and fine however rarely enforced. Foreigners caught proselytizing are either strictly warned or immediately expelled.

d. Church Planting: The national churches currently meet in secret. The government will quite them down if they become too well known but for the most part allows them to exist. As long as the house church remains secretive and doesn’t cause a disturbance, it is tolerated.

e. These countries consider themselves 100% Muslim at least officially, not allowing Muslims to make an official conversion to Christianity thus denying real religious freedom.

f. Ministry Opportunities: Ministering by radio, TV, and Internet is highly effective in these countries. Missionaries wishing to disciple new believers and plant churches will find these countries to be a relatively safe place to minister with the dual identity of business or NGO. Missionaries attempting this biblical style ministry should be ready to be expelled at any time. A church planter should make his goals in terms of one term not 20 years.

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