The church must be a missionary church. Later Robert E. Speer went one step further and anchored world missions in the very nature of God. Many theologians have followed him. In theology the sources of missionary motivation are either opened or clogged.

Second, in order to be lasting and dynamic, theology and revival must be interrelated and must be channelled into evangelism and world missions. It is a sobering fact of history that theology can grow stale and static. It needs the companionship of revival.

On the other hand no revival has been able to sustain its glow unless it was built on a sound biblical basis and had built into it an energetic “go” of evangelism.

Therefore, biblical and theological studies must not be separated from revivalism and missions in the training of Christian leaders, and revival and evangelistic fervor are necessary in order to keep evangelicalism from growing stale and becoming a sort of lifeless “modern-day scholasticism.”

George W. Peters, “Missions in Historical Perspective: Perspectives on the Church’s Mission Part 2,” Bibliotheca Sacra 136 (1979): 106.